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Welcome to Bear Travel
Bear Travel makes your frequent flying life easier by keeping a record of all your upcoming flights, providing live travel updates as you are on your way, and automatically keeping a record of where you've been.
Upcoming Flights
Know when and where you're going. Ever wondered where you'll be on that weekend? Or if there is enough time between those flights?
Bear Travel provides you with a list of all your upcoming flights, so you'll always have full transparency over where you'll be. If you want to see them on a map - you can do that too.
Details on your Next Flight
From 24 hours before departure, Bear Travel starts providing you with live flight information, such as departure delays, new estimated times, weather forecasts for the time of your departure & arrival.
It will also give you information on the aircraft operating your flight and if it is already on it's way to you.
It even shows you if Uber operates at your destination - and how long you have to wait for one.

While you are in the air
The flight tracking with live data continues while you are in the air. Allowing you to keep track using the in-flight wifi, or someone on the ground to keep an eye on your flight progress.

After you have arrived
Bear Travel automatically records your flight data so that you can look it up at a later stage.
This includes information on the aircraft that operated your flight (type & registration), the actual departure & arrival times, route taken, speed & altitude.

Reports on your Flight Data
Want to have more insight into your flight data? Use ready made reports, allowing you to see your flights on a map, statistics, compare your flight data with friends, email your upcoming flights to someone, or even export data so you can do your own thing in Excel.

Managing your points
Ever wondered how many points are missing to keep your shiny card at the end of the year?
Bear Travel keeps track of all your points and tells you if you are a little short, or already within comfortable renewed territory.

How to Add a New Flight
Adding a flight is quick and easy: You just enter the date and flight number - Bear Travel then grabs all the flight details for you.
When a flight number is used for more than one flight (such as the BA15 from London to Sydney - which is actually two flights, one from London to Singapore and another one from Singapore to Sydney) you'll be asked which one you want to add.
You can then add your booking details, such as seat number, cabin, or booking reference. Bear Travel allows you to set up default values - so if you commute twice a week in seat 9A, you'll only need to enter that once.
More questions?
Please have a look at the Bear Travel FAQ.

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